Sunday, March 5, 2017

Swan Lake

A classic piece of ballet.
A big finale for a fiery season of Ballet Philippines, that started with Firebirds and Other Ballets.
Too bad I was only available to watch the performances on the season's opening and on its closing.

Swan Lake. One of the first ballets I have seen at the CCP. I think I first saw it as a pre-schooler; my memory is quite hazy about those days but I clearly remember that I liked the music back then.So it was quite a treat when I learned that Swan Lake was going to be performed by Ballet Philippines as this season's ender.

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And the nice thing was that the CCP was adorned with photos and memorabilia from the several times it had performed Swan Lake. Based on these mementos, I can hazard to guess that I saw this ballet for the first time in 1985. 

The ballet was superbly performed by the dancers. The difference though was that this time, I could actually understand the plot; back in 1985, I was awed by the novelty of the theatre, the music, and the lights. Also, computer effects have been incorporated in this year's performance, though never distracting from it. 

Now looking forward to the next season of Ballet Philippines!!