Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Tea time with Mommy and Daddy

Finally had the chance to introduce Mommy and Daddy to the almost endless choices of tea types at TWG, a Singaporean tea shop that has several branches in the Philippines. 

The first time I tried tea here, I was so shocked that I had to actually look through a thick book describing different types of tea. And here I was thinking that all I wanted was black tea. I absolutely wasn't (still am not) a tea connoisseur. Might come in handy someday though.

Anyway, my tea time with the parents was the first time I also ordered scones. Scones! Why, this was so English of us! These scones came with whipped cream and jelly. Very yummy! Too bad we couldn't try any more of the pastries typical of an English afternoon tea (the meal). We were actually saving some space for dinner.