Sunday, July 9, 2017

Rochie's 2017 birthday celebration :)

Nope, there were no dinosaurs this year. There's no basketball neither. Instead, Daddy's here to celebrate my birthday with me! It's been 13 years since the last time we celebrated our birthday together. It's been too long since we did this together.

On Sunday, we all trooped to Lola's house to have a joint celebration. There was so much food! Richelle, Mary Ann, Anna, and Riza did a superb job of preparing lunch for all the guests... and the menu included Daddy's fave, vegetable salad, and my fave, pork sinigang. I got two Japanese cheesecakes from Hiraya Bakery while Tito Tony and Tita Ching, and Val and Zia brought Red Ribbon cakes; hence we had four cakes! Aside from the cakes, we also got sapin-sapin from Kuya Mitchie and Che, and pichi-pichi from Tito Boy Morelos.

But that's before my birthday. On my birthday itself, I spent the day in Manila with Anna and Daddy, eating McDonald's... it was almost a letdown. However, it couldn't be helped because I was having my medical that day and I only had 30 minutes to eat in between tests (yeah, the queue was very long).

The GQNC staff were kind enough to surprise me with Mernel's chocolate yema cake on Friday afternoon. And then in the evening, we had dinner at The Pig Pen. As always, it was good company with good food. After dinner, we had milkshakes and cake at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, with discounts courtesy of coupons that came with my daily planner.

Did I over-celebrate this year? Probably not. It was a quieter way of celebrating with friends but I spent a lot of time with family this time around. Indeed, Krishna said it best when she greeted me, "Happy birthweek!" because my annual celebration is never concluded in just a day... at least it hasn't been that way since a few years ago.

Thank you everyone for helping me welcome my new year in a special way.