Wednesday, June 22, 2005

il divo

Anton San Diego once praised their music in his column in the Inquirer. That made me curious with the cosmopolitan “boy band.”

Last weekend, I finally got a copy of the group’s self-titled CD. And I fully agree with Mr. San Diego’s review… the music was great!

I have never heard classically trained vocals approach pop music without sounding contrived. The arrangements of all songs were soothing to the ear. Though I couldn’t understand a word they’re singing when the song’s not in English, I could still feel the emotions rendered by “Regresa Mi” and their version of “My Way.”

It was a surprise to learn that American Idol’s Simon Cowell produced the album. No wonder he’s brash and blunt in AI. When he sees talent, he sees REAL talent. After a few rounds in the CD player, I still couldn’t get enough of Il Divo. This is going to be one more permanent CD in my play list… and I’m now looking forward to their next album.