Friday, July 29, 2005

Grave Danger… spoilers beware!

I watched the season ender of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation last Wednesday on AXN. It was literally a heart stopper! The episode, directed by Quentin Tarantino, was a case where Nick Stokes was the kidnap victim of a bereaved father. Nick was buried alive in a plexiglas coffin with limited air supply, a gun, and a tape recorder. The kidnapper asked for ransom, and then blows himself up after showing himself to Grissom! At this point, I was hugging my pillow out of fright!

And when Warrick and Greg began digging at the kidnapper’s scene, I really thought they’ve found Nick. Too bad for me, the coffin they found only had a dog inside a prototype plexiglas coffin…

This is one episode that gripped me from the start to the end. George Eads acted superbly under the direction of Tarantino. He whould be nominated, even awarded, an acting plum for his performance… I was so nervous I almost bit my nails. And I was teary-eyed the whole time!

Tarantino once again showed a masterful hand in directing. Grave Danger reminded me of Kill Bill with all its heightened violence and ironic scenes. And the music reminded me of Pulp Fiction… don’t ask me why. It just did.

I was touched with Grissom’s dedication to his staff. He was more than a boss - he was a friend… almost a father to Nick, Warrick, Catherine, Sara, and Greg. And the way he asked Eckley to get his guys back together almost made me cry. I hope that next season, the whole team will be together again. But I don’t know how Catherine will handle a demotion.