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Charlotte's visit

Sept 16, 2009.

Charlotte, one of our past interns, dropped by the lab with her mom and sister, to catch up with everyone. Too bad Fe's in the Netherlands until late October, and Chan has gone back to Lao PDR this month.

Alabang lunch

Sept 12, 2009.

Our family lunch was moved to a Saturday. Ate Maddie treated us to lunch at the Kanin Club in Westgate Alabang. Tita Tessie also treated us to drinks at Figaro at the Alabang Town Centre.

Great food. Great family! And Miggy's surely one growing boy. :)

Bowling practice

We went to the UPLB Student Union Building to play bowling. My score went from a high 80 (during the tournament) to an all-time-low of 57 during the practice. Just the same, everyone had a great time. :)

Photos by Rochie and Leo

New doctors!!

We met up for dinner the night of the announcement of the medical board exam results. Au and I kept Shawie, Debbie, and Arjay company while they kept refreshing the laptop's internet browser at Boston Cafe in Los Banos.
When they finally saw their names amongst the list of board passers, we were the rowdiest bunch in the cafe. It's as if we all found out that we passed an exam in one of our more difficult biology courses!
Congrats, new doctors!!

Night out with officemates

We had dinner at Mio Cucina. Good food, great company! Had lots of fun!!

Review: UP (2009)

Rating:★★★★Category:MoviesGenre: Animation A heartwarming story about a man's determination of making his late wife's dream adventure come true... while making friends along the way.

What I love about it: the couple grew old together and trying times brought them closer. The child became the old man's family in the end.

Amoebas attack!

I had amoebiasis barely a week after getting back from Brisbane, a day after my barkada's reunion in North EDSA. I have no idea where I got infected by Entamoeba histolytica, but the experience wasn't good at all! I easily lost eight pounds in the three days I was in hospital and in the week that followed; during that time, I didn't have the appetite to eat because of the medicines' side effects.

Two weeks after, my blood test and urinalysis results indicated that I'm back to normal. And I can go back to playing badminton and bowling... and I specifically asked the doctors about this. Yahoo!!