Friday, April 23, 2010

A lesson in audience etiquette

As part of IRRI's alumni homecoming, the Kabayao Family quintet performed at the Havener Auditorium on April 22. (What a great show!!)

As usual, the house rules were: turn off or keep mobile phones on silent mode, eating and/or drinking are not allowed inside the venue.

The pianist, Corazon Kabayao, gave us a few more tips on how to be a good audience. 

1. Kids are normally not allowed to stay on the front row. They distract the performers. So people with kids are encouraged to stay at the rear of the auditorium.

2. Do not let the performers walk on stage in silence. Applaud while they enter. Applaud while they exit.

3. In performances with many movements (particularly the classical compositions), do not applaud after each movement. Clap only when all movements have been performed.

4. Applause is the only way the audience can communicate feedback to the performers. The performers know when the audience claps just to be polite and when they do deserve the applause (and the standing ovation).

The performances were very impressive and the audience gave them a standing ovation... three times!