Thursday, April 29, 2010

Asian Hospital Run: May 2, 2010

Ate Maddie signed us up for our next 3k run, another one for charity. She's definitely hooked to road races, which is a good thing.

The RUNew 2010 of the Asian Hospital and Medical Centre is our second road run. Slated on May 2nd, the fun run happens at the Filinvest Corporate City in Alabang in the wee hours of the morning. Ate Maddie's got the race kits with her, and I'm excited to see what a timing chip looks like. Anyway, signing up for this race is the first time we had to supply our expected finish time, and it's quite nice that we've had a dry run at the PGH fun run last week. 

I just hope that the run route wouldn't pass by areas where vehicles smoke could reach us. However, that's wishful thinking. Getting a big dose of smoke from a truck during a race is NOT a nice experience (but that's Manila, what did I expect?).

If Ate Maddie isn't going overseas for a vacation, I suspect we'd be running on official races every weekend!! Running is a really healthy habit because it relieves stress (when done after work), it helps keep off the pounds (for people who are weight-conscious), and it strengthens the body (needs no further explanation). Healthier lifestyle is being advocated by the Asian Hospital, hence the support for races such as these, and other sports. Also, proceeds from the race will be given to beneficiaries who need help in paying their medicine and hospital bills. As in the PGH run, we hit two birds with one stone: (1) help others; (2) help ourselves.

I hope we finish the race (in less time) so that we'd get a shirt. I also look forward to another warm dose of taho after I cross the finish line. Yum!!