Monday, April 26, 2010

Breakfast by any other name...

... is still breakfast. 

My problem is I couldn't eat breakfast before 9 AM when I'm tense (nervous, excited... just like prior to conference presentations), but I had to eat something before the PGH run on April 24. Therefore, I called my 4 AM mac-and-cheese meal a midnight snack (thanks, Ate Maddie!) and did not suffer from the usual after-breakfast stomachache. 

Ate Maddie and I finished the 3-km fun run in about 25 minutes based on our calculation. The official race time is yet to come out (along with the photos), but as far as we were concerned, we performed quite well. 

I was hungry by the time the sun was over the buildings. Off to the food stall we went, but I didn't get a sandwich (looked too much like breakfast). Instead, I had four siomai pieces and one pork barbeque, fruit juice, taho, and water. At 7 AM, those count as breakfast, but I called them meryenda (snacks) instead.

Yep, it's all in my mind.

What do I usually consume in the morning nowadays? Water (or fruit juice).