Friday, April 9, 2010

I am not THAT sweet... yet. Hehehe!

With diabetes on both sides of my family, I had to monitor my blood glucose levels. This year, I had blood samples taken for fasting blood sugar (FBS) and 2-hour post-prandial blood sugar (RBS) tests. I didn't eat and drink fluids from 12mn to 7.30am for the FBS, and I had blood drawn exactly two hours after lunch for the post-prandial. 

I passed both tests this year–barely–but I'm still NOT pre-diabetic based on the WHO (110 mg/dL) and the ADA (100 mg/dL) criteria!!

FBS = 99 mg/dL
Post-prandial = 96 mg/dL

Dr. Zenaida Torres told me that my insulin sensitivity is still good, and I don't have to take in any medicine yet. However, she did tell me to eat in moderation and continue with the exercise (which is currently jogging 2.5k every other day, if my schedule can fit it).

Next year ulit!