Saturday, April 3, 2010

Still in Morong, Rizal

... and still April 1, 2010.

Aside from Morong's Tagalog dialect, I noticed two more things. Sadly none of them included the famous Chinese lions of the Morong Church. I still don't understand how I missed such prominent pieces of art. Hmmph! The only statue of a lion I saw in there is the one beside Saint Jerome, and I'm sure that one does NOT look like a Chinese lion.

On our way to the church, I was attempting to photograph this boy because I thought he walking along the main street holding a hen. The bird moved its head towards the coaster and I saw its huge eyes. Whoa! That's an owl! (I didn't realise I said that aloud until the two kids with us on the trip snapped their heads to look at my side of the window). Because I was quite shocked, I missed my shot, and did not get a photo of the owl's head. We're not sure if the owl is a pet or is about to become the boy's lunch. I sure hope the owl will not be eaten by the boy's family. This is the first time I've seen an owl out on the street (captured, sadly). I normally see owls–the injured ones–in the Philippine Raptor Centre or in zoos.

Down the hill from the Morong Church, on the other hand, we passed by a hospital. I'm sure no discrimination is intended by the hospital's management, but the words do suggest that only one doctor can go by this route. If what this door says is true, where will the patients and their family, and the rest of hospital staff exit in case of an emergency?