Saturday, April 3, 2010

Visita Iglesia 2010: Angono, Rizal

Stations 9 and 10 were meditated on inside, but with the Maundy Thursday testimony of man whose faith was boosted in times of financial crises and family ailment amped all over the church, I wasn't able to hear what these two stations were all about. Nevertheless, I liked the roomy and airy feel of the modern-day church, despite my disagreement with the colour choice for the facade. This is in sharp contrast to the Spanish-era churches visited earlier, whose architects thought best to put in small windows rather than large doorways.

Angono is famous for its artworks, being the home to national artists. Statues, stained glass art, and bas reliefs adorn the church and its grounds. The historical feel may be gone, but the roots of this town is deeply entrenched in the arts.