Saturday, April 3, 2010

Visita Iglesia 2010: Antipolo City, Rizal

The relative solemnity of the Visita Iglesia stopped at the chaotic welcome of the Antipolo Church. A lot of people go to this church because it's the shrine of Our Lady of Good Voyage. Even cyclists stop over and pay homage to the Lady believed to have guided the galleon traders back and forth between Acapulco and Manila. Thus, a lot of small-time business people have set up shop along the road to the church: a lot of street vendors and hawkers, plus children who guide people to parking lots along the sides of the church.

The situation is more chaotic now than when I was last here more than 10 years ago. It reminded me of Jesus' visit to the Temple just before he was crucified. He overturned a few tables because vendors were desecrating the Temple. I think that this may also be the case with Antipolo's church. Why couldn't they move the vendors off the streets so that pilgrims can concentrate on the church more than on the distracting pasalubong?