Friday, April 23, 2010

Who will produce food in the future?

"I want to be a doctor."
"I want to be a lawyer."
"I want to be a nurse."
"I want to be a football player."

I was watching the replay of American Idol 9: Idol Gives Back on Star World when I heard these statements, purportedly from children living in Africa who are going to benefit from donations pledged during the course of the program.

Hmm... Dr. de Datta had hit the bull's eye during the special forum earlier today. Africa is suffering from food shortage caused by various factors and yet none of the kids (or whoever scripted the overdubs) mentioned ever wanting to produce food and aim for food self-sufficiency. Medicine and its allied professions are obvious career choices because of the prevalence of AIDS and other diseases in the region (based on the video). Sports and law are also lucrative professions and can really alleviate poverty.

However, I'm sure some of these children will end up in agriculture eventually.