Sunday, February 27, 2011

behind the scenes of the Mel & Joey taping

Coloured rice varieties, among other nutritious food, are featured in tonight's episode of Mel & Joey. Aired on GMA-7 (8:30 pm, GMT+8), the Iba Ito segment, produced by Lemuel Lorca, explores why some people choose enliven their rice consumption with black, red, and brown rice grains.

The segment producer, staff, and crew visited IRRI to shoot the feature on coloured rices. Here are some photos from the segment taping.

rice samples being prepared

closing in on paddy rice
dory and fe on cooking rice
final briefing before the camera rolled

... and, action!

liz, after prepping the cooked rice display

ferdie watches the interview

liz, fe, and dara watching the interview

cooked rice on camera

crystal eating the red rice

ferdie demonstrating dehulling of paddy grains