Sunday, April 10, 2011

PT session #1

Yesterday, I went to the Southern Luzon Hospital and Medical Centre in Santa Rosa, Laguna for a consultation with Dr. Franklin Domingo, the rehab doctor. He suspects that I might also have plantar fasciitis (that's swelling on the ligament under the foot arch). My right foot has had a beating, I take it. He prescribed a physiotherapy program to target the pain in my foot and I decided to start it as soon as possible.

So down I went to the therapy room. I was amazed at the rehab facility in this hospital! It looks like a spa with gym equipment... well, just like a spa except for the lack of the herbal aromas from candles and the absence of soft lighting and of calming music. The gym-like area even has what looks like a barre and some colourful exercise balls. Note to self: Next time I'm getting my therapy there, I'll take a photo. :)

The therapists, P-Jay and Phoebe, were very friendly while setting up the gadgets for my foot. Phoebe, it turns out, is a running enthusiast as well. She explained how the different therapies will help my foot get well.

The program I am following for the next two weeks are first aimed at stimulating healing on my right foot. Then there's also some stretch work targeted at the calf muscles (I'm not clear on that yet though). The third part is about strengthening the muscles in the front of my foot. The first two parts were easy; but the last one was nothing short of painful! After ten minutes of it, I felt like I walked for 30 minutes!

Next week, I'll be back at the PT room. Hopefully, my foot will be in good shape soon. I already missed the Nat Geo Earth Day Run today.