Saturday, May 21, 2011


It's one of the newer restaurants near UPLB. I've tried it once before and decided that this place is nice for special occasions. The dessert I had on my first visit blew me away! It was so delicious that I forgot what I had for dinner just before it was served... I had to eat there one more time.

And so an occasion cropped up. A few friends from work joined me on my second visit to the restaurant. This time, I won't forget what my main meal was. 

However, the stars of the night were the desserts once again. We ordered panna cotta with mango, creme brulee, and blueberry cheesecake. After having a taste of all three, I liked the creme brulee the most. 

Panna cotta with mango

Don't let the size fool you. Hidden in the depths of this small cup is a dessert that packs a powerful punch. The mango gives a tangy contrast to the cream, which by itself, has a licorice-like taste. A light and sweet dessert that could leave you wanting more. 

Blueberry cheesecake

I am not a fan of blueberry preserves (and have yet to try fresh blueberries). This cake did not convince me to convert. However, I liked the smooth texture of the cake and the taste -- it was not too sweet for me. I also thought that all cheesecakes have a sour aftertaste. This one did not.

Creme brulee

The creme de la creme (at least for me). The serving size is big; this dessert is meant to be shared. It balances the sweetness of the caramelised sugar and the creaminess of the custard.  The sliced strawberry on top gives the dish some contrast both visually and taste-wise.

And so I left Dalcielo's with a heavier stomach, a lighter pocket, and a smile on my face. My friends enjoyed dinner as well. Aside from the yummy desserts, we also noticed that the entree (we got the Norwegian salmon salad) and the pasta were meant for sharing as well.

Having said all that, eating at Dalcielo's does not come cheap. This restaurant targets a more upscale audience with meals (from entree to dessert) costing about Php 400 per person... about the same price people pay when they eat out in the Makati area. It's all worth it though because the quality of the food can hold its own against the city restaurants.

Dalcielo's is one of my the go-to restaurant for weekday special occasions. It has good food and it's easy to get there from the office. I just couldn't afford to eat there everyday.