Saturday, May 14, 2011

deadlines week

"I am one of those who thrive on deadlines. Nothing brings on inspiration more readily than desperation."
-- Harry Shearer
I agree with Harry Shearer on this one. As I was handing in my thesis manuscript on deadline day, only one sentence was playing in my head: After submitting this, I could die. Good thing I didn't because submitting was NOT the last step towards getting my degree...

I still had to answer reviewers' comments! Looking back, I realise that I was that desperate to finish writing that I could not see a future beyond that wonderful brisk morning in 2008. 

Anyway, three years on, I stumbled upon Mr. Shearer's remark as I was surprised with multiple deadlines in one day. Thanks to my deadline-hugging experiences in grad school, I took this unexpected day better than the run-up to my thesis deadline. Granted, these recent deadlines had less dire consequences but they were set nonetheless AND I was caught unawares!

I expect that I'll be facing a lot more of these deadlines; I need to learn how to manage my time and my resources with a lot more efficiency. Plus, I need to get over writer's block.