Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lucban food trip

I went back to Lucban, Quezon for this year's Pahiyas Festival. Aside from exploring the town and looking at the colourful decorations of houses along the route of the procession, I was also here for the food! Dennis and Mico were with me as I tried out the food in Lucban.

Longganisang Lucban
Upon arriving in Lucban, I set out to visit a restaurant along the main road called Abcede's Restaurant. The breakfast menu had 'longsilog' (sausages; rice; fried egg, sunny side up). The owners of this restaurant must also be the manufacturers of the sausages because many food stalls along the road sell Abcede longganisang Lucban. Anyway, the longganisa in the restaurant was yummy, perfect start for a day on foot. It was served just right: fried crispy but not excessively oily. 

Still in Abcede's Restaurant, Dennis noticed food wrapped in banana leaves. I opted out of trying it when we found out that shrimp was part of the recipe. Shrimp was mixed with coconut milk and wrapped in banana leaves.


Fried Kiping
Lucban's colourful decorations on May 15 are mostly due to dyed rice paper locally called 'kiping'. Along the route, we saw people eating this on the street as they looked at the displays. Vendors sprinkle sugar on the fried kiping; this sweet snack is light on the stomach and attractive to the eyes too.

fried kiping with sugar

These are three local food items we saw and tasted in Lucban. Having a try at the local cuisine made the Pahiyas experience more complete for me.