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Incubus, live in Manila

Incubus was back in Manila on July 28 for its "If Not Now, When?" concert tour. I watched it with friends from work. When we arrived at the Araneta Centre after a three-hour drive, one real problem dawned at me: where to park? The lots around the venue were already full. A helpful traffic enforcer directed me to the SM Cubao carpark. A few minutes later, we were walking to the concert venue. When we got into the  Araneta Coliseum, the place was packed to the rafters! I learned later that this concert was sold-out.

Review: The Tourist (2010)

I watched The Tourist withmy sister and her friends at home one weekend. With Angelina Jolie in the lead female role, I never thought that this movie would be a comedy. But then again, I should have, because Johnny Depp played the lead male role.

While the action parts were still a big part of the movie, I got struck with the dry humour coming mainly from Depp's character, Frank. For instance, Frank attempted to compliment Elisa (Jolie's character) by saying she's ravenous when he meant that she was ravishing. What would one expect from a guy who knew numbers more than vocabulary, I thought. However, Frank spoke Spanish fluently. It wasn't language that he had issues then; apparently, he was just nervous when he met Elise. Frank's prowess in Spanish would've been impressive for a tourist, if he were in Spain. Instead, he was in Venice, Italy! The concierge even commented on it.

I realised, while watching the movie, that not everyone would understand the humour…

15 years on: appreciating my high school literature class (5)

There are times when big decisions have to be made. Do I get a dog, or not? Do I pursue a graduate degree, or not? Do I make a major purchase, or not? 
Late last week, I was faced with two great opportunities but I had to choose only one. I mulled over these options over the weekend because this was a win-win situation: whatever I chose would be the right decision... and how rare does that kind of dilemma come one's way, right? I made my decision known earlier today and Plan B is now in place because I opted out of the other opportunity. It's just a pity I'll be missing out on that adventure and won't be able to take photos; but the opportunity I've chosen, I think, is the better option in the long run for me. I'll write about it pretty soon... when I know what I've put myself into.
My happy situation contrasts the misfortunes of one of William Shakespeare's tragic heroes: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. I'm so glad I've never been in a position as gra…

Comimos en La Cocina de Tia Moning

La Cocina de Tita Moning, a set on Flickr. Via Flickr:
One of Carlos Celdran's recommended restaurants. It features traditional Filipino home-cooking set in an American-era house. The food is served the way the viejo y ricos got their food.

The food was SO GOOD! I'm never going back to ubod-tasting ubod ever!!

Perfect ending to a history-filled afternoon in historic Manila.

If These Walls Could Talk: A Walk This Way Tour

If These Walls Could Talk, a set on Flickr. Photos from Carlos Celdran's Walk This Way Tour in Intramuros. He led us, his audience, from Plaza Moriones and Fort Santiago, up the walls to look at the ruins of St Ignatius Church, to the facade of San Agustin Church, and finally into the courtyard of a Spanish-era house.

Along the way, we had a two-hour glimpse into Old Manila's past, present, and future; the ups and downs of a city that began as a fort made of bamboo, that enjoyed the heydays of economic boom, that took the brunt of bombs falling from the sky. Today, the stones surrounding the old city stand as if in vigil, hoping that one day, the glory of Manila's past will be there again.

As we walked away from the tour, I think that if the walls could talk, it would say: I survived... bloody, but unbowed.

Rainy and splashy family day

Subong family at Splash Mountain, a set on Flickr. The Subong family (plus Anna and me) trooped to Splash Island one rainy afternoon. It's my first time to go there and I had so much fun crashing the waves and sliding down the raft with my cousins and the (big) kids.

Thanks to the rain, most of the photos were taken from the shelter of the hut.

Orville's 2011 visit

Orville's 2011 visit, a set on Flickr. In a month of homecomings, a friend of mine since high school, Orville, flew in during the grad school holidays.

In true barkada fashion, we had dinner at Joe's followed by something cold. Instead of going to a cafe, we went to this new ice cream shop right by UPLB Gate: Coconut House.

Fun night! Sa uulitin!