Saturday, July 21, 2012

on Adel Tamano's Final Perspective

My evening television fare for Thursday and Friday is not complete without going to ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC). I've been watching the Tamano Perspective on Thursdays for quite a while, if I find myself still awake. It's a really entertaining and educational show because it provides digests of a week's worth of news, explanations of opposing sides of current issues, and Mr Adel Tamano's own opinion about the topics tackled in his show. I was surprised that this week's episode is the final one, aptly labeled Tamano's Final Perspective.

What is Adel Tamano's final perspective as he closes his show's run?

1. Prioritize family. 
I knew him, before I watched his show, as the lawyer representing a famous dermatologist in the Philippines and as a former political candidate. It was refreshing to see him (and the episode's host, Karen Davila) open up about his perspective on taking care of a special child. As he talked a bit about the child's diet and his family life, I get the notion that he is a hands-on father; not one of the tv lawyer stereotypes who are too busy at work. He even said that his family is one of the reasons behind his move to the corporate world.
2. Focus is key to success.
Don't spread yourself thin. That's important in making sure that one's efforts are always the best one can deliver. This is basically what Adel Tamano said as he responded to Karen Davila's question: couldn't he do both his corporate tasks and his ANC assignment at the same time? He said that in the Tamano Perspective, he puts a lot of himself into the show, including behind the scenes (if the audience only knew). If he were to continue it while doing his corporate work, it wouldn't be fair to both ANC and his new employer.
3. Maintain bridges. 
Don't burn them. It's obvious that he loved his run at ANC and the people behind the camera loved working with him too. As he moves to his next big project, he expressed his gratitude to the people at ANC. That is a good example of leaving a company with bridges intact.
That episode was a great way to close the show. It truly was all about Tamano's Final (on-air) Perspective.