Saturday, October 6, 2012

a 27-hour trip: New Orleans

(27 hours later, it's still) September 10, 2012. New Orleans.

I finally arrived at the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport late in the afternoon. This was the first time that nobody was picking me up from a US airport, I realized as I collected my checked-in bag and went on to queue for a cab. And it got me thinking: a lot of overseas-based Filipinos have a penchant for bringing balikbayan boxes whenever they go to the Philippines in lieu of wheeled luggage. When they fly back to foreign lands, how do they manage to move their boxes from the baggage carousel to public transportation, or to their own vehicles, if nobody's picking them up in the airport?!

Anyway, I arrived late in the afternoon but the sun was still bright outside. The cab driver was explaining that the airport wasn't really in New Orleans and we were going towards the city. Downtown New Orleans came into view on my right as the cab went into a more residential area. 

A few minutes later, I arrived on the front porch of my (first) home away from home, Rose Manor Inn.