Saturday, October 27, 2012

the smallest plane I've ever flown in... so far

I am fascinated with airplanes; always have been, ever since I first saw a replica of one at the Fiesta Carnival back when I was still in pre-school. Actually, the fascination with planes has extended to my interest in manned space flight. I even went twice to the Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Festival to see them up close! The first trip was okay because I got to see the private planes but the second trip was better because there was an AirAsia passenger plane parked right on the plane garage!

Anyway, someone once told me that my fascination with airplanes will eventually die out when being a passenger in one becomes a more common occurrence... particularly after getting tired with all the security checks. I disagreed. I think that I will stay in awe of these giant metal birds until I am able to actually fly one...

... Even if it looks like a bus with wings.

On the last leg of my US training in September, I had to fly from Los Angeles to Sacramento. Probably since the flight was under an hour and there were only a few passengers, the airline chose to bring passengers to Sacramento via the smallest plane I've ridden on so far: a Canadair Regional Jet (CR9 or 7, I can't remember). Based on the passenger count, it's literally a bus with wings! Plus, while walking towards the plane via the jetway, I saw the sky above the plane... this plane was not as tall as the Boeings or the Airbuses, I thought.

The smallness of the plane was further emphasized by a crewman who mentioned that my carry-on wouldn't fit in the overhead compartment. That made me worry that the plane was really tiny! And it really was. Thank goodness the flight was short. I wouldn't want to ride this plane from San Francisco all the way to Manila!

And I'm note even complaining about the smallness of the economy cabin in international flights. :)