Sunday, November 4, 2012

I was at the LAX the day after Endeavour arrived!!

During the week that I was in training in Los Angeles, I was looking forward to see one thing: the flyover of NASA's Space Shuttle Endeavour. It was all over the morning news everyday the whole week.

On September 22nd, I was quite sad because the space ship already landed the day before and I didn't see it fly over LA because I was indoors. I wasn't even sure that I'd see it while outdoors because it might not have flown by Torrance (where I stayed) or Rancho Dominguez (where I was training). So I contented myself with watching the news coverage of the space shuttle's LAX landing.

I was wrong last year. While watching Endeavour's final flight last year, I thought that the next time I'd see this would be when it's a museum piece. It turned out that the world would see it one more time before it goes to a museum!

There's one consolation for me though: while the plane that was flying me from Los Angeles to Sacramento was going from the terminal to the runway, my fellow passengers and I got a glimpse of the NASA Boeing 747 jumbo jet just outside one of the hangars; if I remember correctly, it's the United Airlines hangar (but I'm not sure... wasn't able to take a photo while the plane I was in was taxiing).