Saturday, November 3, 2012

shoe shopping (yet again!)

Thanks to the foot pain, I've become a more picky shoe shopper. I couldn't buy shoes that don't have the right kind of support for the arch (thank you, tendonitis!); as such, I became limited to getting mostly running shoes and a pair of comfortable black pumps. 

Until I discovered Danskos last November.

Dansko is a brand of footwear catering mostly to people who have to be standing a lot like medical professionals and restaurant employees. The shoes are designed to be very comfortable and non-slip. So, I thought, why not get one for myself? I'm also on my feet most days and I'm known for slipping on the flattest of surfaces (hence the rehabilitation doctor told me to jog on a treadmill, not on the road yet).

Just in September this year, I finally got the opportunity to buy myself a pair (at The Walking Company branch in Sun Valley Mall). Initially, I wanted a pair of the red leaf patent or the funky knit patent. However, I ended up with the one that caught my eye last year: the black scribble patent. It's the prettiest too, in my opinion. 

My black scribble patent Dansko clogs

While I was breaking it in, I thought it was the heaviest pair of shoes that I owned. Yes, it was comfortable but the loose fit at the heel bothered me a lot in the beginning. In a few days' time, though, I got used to it (except for the squeaking noises as I walk in a quiet place). Imagine not feeling foot pain for the first time in several months!

My Danskos have virtually replaced my running shoes for weekday wear! My athletic shoes are now my weekend and my indoor jogging footwear.