Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My birthday wish/shopping list for 2013

My birthday is coming up exactly one week from today. With seven days left, I list down my birthday wish list. Unlike the things I've listed in my 2011 wish list/ shopping list, I haven't acquired any of the things on this list yet. Let's see how many of these I'll be able to get or to do this year.

1. Noise-reducing or noise-canceling headphones
2. Ergonomic keyboard
3. Pretty flatware (spoons and forks)
4. Vacation (anywhere!!)
5. Visit the masterpieces inside the National Art Gallery in Manila
6. Copper pots and pans
7. A good chef's knife
8. Road trip to Ilocandia (yes, up to Pagudpud)
9. Try wakeboarding (must drop by the wake park in Nuvali sometime this year)
10. Chocolate mousse birthday cake