Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Even my music sheets are paperless!

DISCLAIMER: I am merely a beginner in playing the piano.

I got interested in playing the piano as a kid when I first watched a recital. However, interest alone, obviously, is not enough for me to become a piano player outside my house. My interest shifted to other things (including a kite-flying phase, which I relapse into every February). Nevertheless, I kept at reading sheet music... on paper.

Then came environmental consciousness, the paperless trend, and the internet.

With the easy accessibility of electronic copies of every imaginable piece of documentation, I've started downloading music sheets of pieces that I'd like to learn to play. I got the easy arrangements, admittedly. I don't want to be discouraged by complicated pieces yet.

Someone's got to start somewhere right? 


... So what is Mozart doing there?!?