Thursday, April 17, 2014

Lola's day out 2014

"Sasama ba si Cesar? Kasi kung hindi, di bale na lang."

That was Lola Bats' statement when we (me, Ninang Trining, and Mommy) asked her is she wanted to go to Padre Garcia with us after her blood sample was drawn in the hospital. So off we went to fetch Daddy in Calamba then to Padre Garcia to visit the farm. Guess who enjoyed the afternoon road trip the most...

The farm is empty now... planting season about to start

Lola Bats taking a breather. Her wheelchair couldn't fit in the car so we had to improvise.

Broken path near Lola's house

Lola Bats accounting the people who are still alive. A lot of her friends have gone on ahead of her.

Lola Bats and Mommy with Lola's friends.

Aling Mary and Nina Trining about to try out the fresh buko juice.

Lola Bats and friends

I wonder if I can bring her out again to the farm someday. This trip showed that she's no longer as strong as she used to. But if she feels strong enough to go on a long road trip and if someone has a car big enough to fit her wheelchair, then I think we can go on a few more visits.

Seeing her laughing out loud with her friends in Padre Garcia: priceless.