Monday, June 30, 2014

A dash of football on my pre-birthday night out

My birthday week has begun! 

To celebrate it, Nikos, Val, Matty, and I popped into Greenbelt for dinner at Sugi Japanese Restaurant in Greenbelt 2 and to watch the Brazil vs Chile World Cup match. Thank you, guys, for making my birthday week start off with a bang!

Here we go...

With all the options around the area for football watching, we ended up at Burger Bar in Greenbelt 2. The major pull? This restaurant was serving milkshakes, but one milkshake flavour caught my eye. Burger Bar was serving Speculoos Cookie Butter milkshakes!  

Speculoos Cookie Butter Milkshake

I'm a fan of the gingerbread and caramel flavours and of the grainy texture of the Speculoos Cookie Butter bread spread of Trader Joe's... I even eat it straight off the spoon (no bread needed)! It's definitely miles better than peanut butter and chocolate sandwich spreads. So when I saw a milkshake version on the Burger Bar menu, I just had to try it out. 

It was yummy! I can't say that it's better than the sandwich spread but it is definitely one of the best milkshakes I've had in a while. The sweetness was just right and the cinnamon flavour wasn't overpowering (I'm not a big fan of cinnamon). The milkshake was just the right consistency and I couldn't feel any ice chunks... really smooth. Yum yum! The Speculoos-flavoured milkshake may actually be fighting for the top rank with the chocolate cheesecake milkshake I've had at Cheesecakes by Guy in Eastwood. 

With Nikos, Matty, and Val while waiting for the Brazil vs Chile match live broadcast.

At some stage, our attention shifted from the drinks and onto the big screen. With the match airing and the volume turned down low (the other al fresco bars were still open), we had to rely initially on the live Twitter feed and on the comments being posted in the FIFA World Cup app (both via my phone) to understand what was going on. Eventually, my phone died and we turned to Val for his play-by-play comments about who the players were and what clubs they're part of.  He also explained that in case there was a tie, then the game would be extended by 30 minutes (two 15-minutes halves). If there's still a tie, then it would be broken via penalty kicks. Someone had to go home tonight.

World Cup live broadcast over Balls Channel in a few minutes.

It was a long match ending with a 1-1 draw after the both the regular time and the extended time. Brazil won via penalty shoot-out. Overall, it was a really good game to watch. I ended up clapping along with the Brazil supporters in the bar though I was rooting for Chile to win because Chile really fought well. The Brazilians were given a tough time to move up to the next level. 

Biboy, I shall live tweet with you during the next Brazil match. My phone just died last night so I couldn't. Prepare to cry while eating your churros, baby brother.