Tuesday, July 8, 2014

ending my birthday celebration week with another football match

Since it's FIFA World Cup season, it's nice to end my birthday celebration week with another round of football watching in Makati. This time, I was back at the Burger Bar with Val but Nikos and Matty were not there; instead, we watched with Anna, Kor, and Zia. 

While waiting for the match to start and for Zia to arrive.
This was the quarter-final match between Belgium and Argentina. We were all rooting for Belgium this time because (1) we were supporting Matty, who, in turn, was supporting his Belgian Red Devils by watching the match in a sari-sari store in Batangas; (2) the girls liked watching the handsome Belgian football players play (and we were specially looking out for Mertens and Witsel, among others); and (3) we were rooting for the underdog in this match (Argentina is ranked 5th while Belgium is 11th).

What I found funny while watching this match was that Anna, Kor, and I were more emotionally invested in it while Val and Zia were barely showing their excitement. I think the two guys where analyzing the match more than we did. However, the cheering that we did for Belgium did not result in a win. The Argentinians won! The Red Devils, however, gave the Argentinians a difficult path to the semi-finals. 

It was fun watching the match with them. :)

And because we're at Burger Bar, we opted to go for those yummy milkshakes again. I got the Speculoos Cookie Butter milkshake (again)... two servings of it, in fact; which is why I had to deal with lactose intolerance symptoms the following day, the whole day.