Sunday, September 28, 2014

Happy birthday, Anna! :)

One reason why Anna and I were keen on trying the flying trapeze that night was because it's her birthday weekend. After two hours of adrenaline-pumping flight, we decided to wind down at the International House of Pancakes. That's IHOP for you and me. Yes, there's IHOP already in Manila. This was my first time to try it here... almost ten years after I had my first IHOP pancake almost ten years ago in Florida.

But a birthday celebrated by just us isn't so fun so we continued the party the next day with our family in Sta Cruz. Ate Madie made a great suggestion: Calda's Pizza, which is basically a walk from our ancestral home... And boy, the food was DELICIOUS!!!

If I had some influence to this birthday celebration, it is with the cake. I convinced Anna to get the chocolate mousse from Red Ribbon... my all-time favorite. 

Happy birthday, Anna!!!