Tuesday, October 7, 2014

my dream of flying came true! (sort of)

Anna and I were watching Sports Unlimited one Saturday evening and we saw a segment featuring Flying Trapeze Philippines. Right after the segment, we talked about doing it the next weekend. And so we went to Bonifacio Global City to give ourselves quite a scare weeks ahead of Halloween.

Before we were allowed to fly, the instructors gave specific directions on the ground. We learned how to hook our legs on a stationary handlebar and then let our hands go; ready to grab the catcher's hand. We were also taught how to jump off in mid swing, doing a backflip (and look poised in the process)... all theoretical, of course, since we were still on the ground.

Then the most frightening part of it all, the first ascent to the platform where we'd grab the real trapeze handle bar. This experience reminded me of the first time I ever went on the edge of a building to rappel in San Pablo City; the first time I hopped off a boat into Caliraya Lake to wakeboard; the first time I stepped onto a ledge overlooking the Colorado River at the Grand Canyon West... basically, some the most daring things I've done in my life so far. The anticipation (in the case of the flying trapeze, the climbing part) was the worst. 

But a scare the jump was not! It was so much fun!

I have promised myself that I'm going to fly again soon. There is definitely a next time to flying trapeze. :)