Wednesday, October 8, 2014

AdMU days: First day high

I've taken up a teaching assignment at the Ateneo de Manila University. This semester, I teach Biotechnology for Everyone, a course designed for non-biology majors. I'll write about my experiences from time to time.

First day of classes finally arrived in June. My very first set of students was composed of economics, diplomacy, management engineering, and political science majors. They're freshmen, some being the cream of the crop of their high school classes. 

Nervous? You bet I was! 

Did they notice the nerves? I hope that they didn't because I know how students could behave badly when they get wind that they've gotten a first-timer for an instructor.

Anyway, the first day went as smoothly as it could be. I was quite happy. The students seemed to be bubbly eager beavers, which would definitely make my job of teaching them relatively easy. So on our first day, we just went through the syllabus and the house rules. The actual lessons would be dished out during the second meeting. That's when the hard work would begin...