Saturday, October 11, 2014

Grace and TJ get married!!

An old saying goes:

"Good friends are like stars. You don't see them but you know that they are always there."

And then there are days when you just drop everything you're doing to be with your friends on special occasions. During those times, it feels like seeing shooting stars!

This year, one of my friends from high school, Grace, got married. It was one of the best wedding celebrations I have ever attended. How couldn't it be? There was good food, great music, and I got the absolute best seat in the house: on the same table with my high school barkada

Grace married TJ, who I met for the first time on their wedding day. This was also my first time to meet Christine's husband, Prad; NiƱa's boyfriend, Christian; and my second time to meet Jyas' boyfriend, Benjo. All the while, I was wondering: where was I for the last several years?!? Oh right, not in Manila.

Anyhow, being with them was the perfect way to set the mood. I think there was a bit of friendly competition between Grace's friends (us, from University of the Philippines) and TJ's friends (mostly from De La Salle University). The emcee, Atom, was pretty surprised when many of the prizes given away were received by people seated around my table. Our table was also somewhat singled out by the musicians when they needed audience participation. 

As always, I ended up in the hot seat. One, because I caught this wedding's version of the bouquet (read: I failed to grab vegetables) and two, I alone, guffawed when someone cracked what I thought sounded like a Pythonesque joke. Epic fail for me and my sense of humor!

Congratulations, TJ and Grace! Thank you for inviting me to witness your special day and make it one for the books for me as well. 

NB: I delayed posting these pictures below because I wanted the newlyweds to post official wedding photos first. :)