Saturday, October 25, 2014

#IRC2014: buzzer beating photo finish

7:00pm-ish. Wednesday.

Rochie, we need to include a chart that shows improvements in rice breeding.

Rochie, please provide links to photos from the institute Flickr account so we can extract high-resolution images for the banners.

Rochie, use the previous posters as sources for the new banners. Let's include this and this... not this anymore...

Rochie, it's 7pm now. We'll need text and images tomorrow, by lunch time, to ensure that the banners will get printed on time.

Pressure, right? Lem, a member of the Comms team, described what we were about to pull off as a photo finish. 

Indeed it was. A buzzer beater too, if I may add, because Boyet, the layout artist was flying today to Bangkok to help with the exhibit set up.

Everything was made ready in time, despite the short notice, only because everyone involved worked as a tightly knit team. That part of the exhibit of which I'd be in became possible through the efforts of a lot of people working like a well-oiled machine. They just made the seemingly impossible possible. Nese, Tony, and members of the Comms team, thank you!!