Wednesday, October 29, 2014

#IRC2014: the IRRI exhibit

When the exhibition space opened, I was amazed with what I saw. This was IRRI's exhibit at the International Rice Congress, brimming with information about the science that we do to contribute to the alleviation of hunger, reduction of poverty, saving the environment, and conservation of cultures.

This was their chance to get their burning questions answered.

The Oryza modelling team. They had a workshop during the IRC.

Heirloom rice tasting with Violy, Matthew, and Liz. Gene was taking videos. Not sure if Lem took this shot.

Me with some of the faces of the IRRI exhibit. I saw them all in the tv news clip!
The main attraction, in my opinion, was the flood-tolerant rice display, with fish swimming in it. 

Thank you to everyone in the exhibit team! We had a blast during the International Rice Congress! Thanks to Paul, Tita Lolit, and Ate Mahlie for taking care of the rice-tasting portion of the exhibit while I attended scientific sessions. Thank you so much, Nese and Tony for flying me over to Bangkok to be part of the exhibit. And thank you to the delegates who dropped by the IRRI exhibit and tasted rice!