Sunday, October 26, 2014

#IRC2014: my journey to Bangkok was filled with laughter

Matty: Let's take the flight together. Then we can watch Fawlty Towers on iPad in the air.
Rochie: We are on the same flight!! Fawlty Towers flight!!

M: My iPad is completely Rochie-fied... Loaded with Fawlty Towers, Chef!, The Office, etc.
R: Cool!! We have lots to watch for in-flight entertainment. :D


And so my flight to Bangkok, Thailand promised to be something I could look forward to after a very long 72-hour day. The weather was good; not too hot and not rainy either. The traffic was fast-moving most of the way from my house to the airport. I got to the airport first; so while waiting for Matty, I was people watching... well, counting how many IRRI staff were taking the same flight that we were taking this afternoon.

During check-in, I forgot to request for us to sit together (something I've never bothered about before because I normally fly alone). Good thing he had an aisle seat a few rows up. It's easier to trade aisle seats than middle seats (one of which was my seat), which was why he was able to move over to my row for our in-flight entertainment package.

We watched Fawlty Towers and then Extras on his iPad for most of the flight. Since we were wearing earphones while watching extremely funny episodes, we were synchronously giggling throughout the flight, without realising how noisy we were. Plus, since the other passengers couldn't hear the shows we're watching, Matty and I must have looked like we were crazy, talking quite loudly above the volume of the earphones (so everyone can hear) and laughing our way to Bangkok.

That's why the four-hour flight didn't feel like a four-hour flight. As we landed at Suvarnabhumi Airport, I knew that the gap to the next Extras episode would be a long one. Back to The Arrow and to The Flash, in the meantime, if it's shown on the telly in my hotel in Bangkok.