Thursday, October 16, 2014

Not again! (*groan*)

Today ended so unexpectedly.

I had a pretty hectic day filled with meetings and number crunching. I was walking to Val's office fresh from a previous meeting. Val and I were supposed to work on our report but something more urgent came up for him to finish so he cancelled our workshop over the phone and I started walking back to the lab.

As I was getting off the curb at Pili Drive, however, I twisted my right ankle (inversion) pretty badly. At first, I thought I could deal with the pain until I reached the lab (which was still a good five-minute brisk walk); but my first step after my mishap was so painful that I opted to drag my foot to the clinic (which was closer) instead. The doctor at the clinic gave me painkillers and had my foot bandaged with Ace and Kuya Jun fetched me and brought me back to the lab.

A few hours later, I was in hospital, getting my foot x-rayed. Rhulyx and Rizza kindly drove me over to the hospital's emergency room while Tita Mely, Tita Lucy, and Ate Madie went there to pick me up and to help me buy crutches. Val also dropped by to make sure I was okay... He even transferred my car to a parking space closer to the lab later that evening because I was in no shape to drive anytime soon.

(In the hospital's emergency room. Photo by Ate Madie)

So what exactly happened to my foot? I was so surprised that I couldn't walk because of the extreme pain... That's despite the strengthening exercises I've done when the same foot was in therapy for a different injury. I mean, come on! I'm prepping for a 5-km road race in November!!

It must be a simple sprain because the initial analysis of my x-ray indicated that I didn't break any bones (thank goodness!). I hope that I don't have to write off the race. I fully intend to be road ready. As soon as I can, I'm going back to therapy and train for the race.

But as always, if my foot isn't ready to run, I'll just walk. My foot should be ready to (at least) walk by then.

Right? Right.