Saturday, January 17, 2015

Golden Gate Bridge at night

After the peaceful afternoon walking in the woods, Ate Maddie and I headed back to the city. We drove in just in time to catch San Francisco's rush hour traffic jam. This actually gave me the opportunity to tick another thing off my bucket list: to see the Golden Bridge at night.

I've always thought that this red bridge was called "golden" because of gold rush that had swept over much of California in the old days. But no; it's named after the Golden Gate Strait, which connects the San Francisco Bay with the Pacific Ocean. John Fremont originally named the strait "Chrysopylae", which, while reading a historical article about San Francisco in the Concord Public Library, actually reminded me of the movie 300, which featured a fictional account of the Battle of Thermopylae.

Anyway, the spot Ate Maddie and I climbed was worth going to despite the bitter cold wind. Look at that view! We were in the Marin headlands, close to Battery Spencer, when I took this shot. By the time we had finished admiring the view, I had caught the sniffles and had really chilled hands. Where were my gloves when I needed them?!?