Sunday, January 25, 2015

golfing around

Daddy and I found a golf set for left-handed girls! And when he went home in January, he bought it for me. The first time I was able to use the set was when we went to the Fernando Airbase in Lipa, Batangas with Biboy and Ninong Romy.

I really felt that I was struggling with myself. See, I've learned how to swing right-handed golf clubs. I've hit a few balls in the driving range with my dad for several years, albeit intermittently; however, I found it challenging to correct my swing since I'm left-handed. I since stopped practising in the meantime as Daddy agreed it would be best if I got my own proper clubs. So during our most recent trip to the driving range, muscle memory for swinging using the right-handed stance kept trying to surface while I was learning left-handed swings. It must have been a funny sight. I was really fighting with myself!

Ninong Romy, after seeing a few good swings from me, recommended that I join them on an 18-hole round of golf. Fortunately, Daddy and Biboy vetoed the suggestion. They said I wasn't in any condition to do so. And how right they were: for each hole, I was supposed to drive the ball about 100–200m from the tee towards the hole. The best I could do that day? 50m... Therefore, if I were to play, a par 4 hole would take me about 20 swings to finish (at best). I would end the game the next day!!

And so I tagged along with them, walking that fine Sunday afternoon at the golf course, learning the proper etiquette (and forgetting many of the rules on being QUIET) and feeling the comeback of foot pain after the long walk... I was limping by the time we were on the 10th hole!

It was a good afternoon with them, golf and after-golf pig out. Can't wait to get my clubs to another driving range for another round of ball-hitting.