Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Kite-flying in Calatagan

I absolutely love flying kites. As a kid, I used to fly a dual-line delta stunt kite with my siblings on a sugarcane field right across our house. So, when I'm given the opportunity to fly a kite (even a single-line toy kite), I easily drop photography and can have fun for hours under the sun with the kite and the wind... and tangled strings (but untangling string is less fun, of course). There was even a time I chased my kite through the exhibit airplanes' parking lot in Clark Field, Pampanga because the kite's line snapped with the strong wind (and the kite reached the airport hangar)!

One Sunday, Matty took out his dual-line power kite because this was more of a relaxation and try-something-new day, rather than a wakeboarding day. The conditions were just right for kite-flying too: lots of wind, no trees or electric lines where the kite would get entangled on. 

I've never flown a power kite before, nor a kite with two lines attached to a control bar, so it was a welcome challenge. And his kite was definitely bigger than my stunt kite (the latter had two handles and no brake lines). This was fun! The kite was generating enough pull to drag me through sand; I tumbled a few times but was mostly stable flying it. 

I guess my secret hobby is out. :)