Monday, April 6, 2015

the mystery of pushing the feeling on

What an earworm! I don't know which one's more memorable, Matty's singing to an unknown tune with unintelligible lyrics or the saxophone solo which sounded awfully familiar.

See, Matty put Jo and me to task to find a popular song from the 90s that may possibly be added to the playlist we listen to when we're wakeboarding. Alas, to no avail because there are no songs about "Eliza pulling shoes". And we searched on Google and YouTube for hours while we were going to Calatagan! and then when we were going back to Calamba! and then days after!

The saxophone solo, however... I knew I heard that before. My mind turned towards Parokya Ni Edgar's Bagsakan, which had a similar rhythm. It's wasn't quite right, though. But I insisted that I've heard it before... then it dawned to me: Pitbull used that same solo as a sample in one of his songs! Which song that is was the question because I only listen to it when it's played on the radio (he's not on my music playlist). 

Matty called a friend overseas later in the week (yes, it sounds like we're in Who Wants to Be a Millionaire) and sang the unintelligible song to him (Joeri, aka DJ Phuse). Naturally, Joeri recognised it right away!

So without further ado, the song turned out to be the Nightcrawlers' Push the Feeling On

*cricket* *cricket* 0_o

I've never heard of this song! Hahaha! Thanks to the wonder that is YouTube, I eventually listened to the real song (versus the Matty version). It didn't matter, it turned out, because the song itself was utterly unintelligible. We all didn't know what the singer was saying.

The mystery was far from solved. The legend continues...