Monday, March 7, 2016

Anilag 2016

Every year, the provincial government of Laguna holds a festival that showcases the products and the tourist destinations in the different towns of the province. Back in the day, it was called Anilag (Ani ng Laguna) and then La Laguna. This year, the name was reverted to Anilag, and rightly so, I guess, because cottage industries were highlighted this year. 

This year, I visited the festival with my relatives. Tita Babie and Tito Donnie were there too since they just arrived from Cavite (and California).

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I felt like I was on a rapid tour of the province, with each town represented by a booth. Missing (or at least I didn't notice the exhibits) were the booths of Pagsanjan, San Pedro, and Cabuyao. Some of the booths were really pretty, with my favourite being the Lumban exhibit because it featured, beautifully, the colourful embroidery that has made the town famous the world over. The other exhibit I particularly liked was the Paete showcase. It was filled with sculptures of religious icons, featuring the superior woodcraft skills of artists residing there.

Perhaps we dropped by late at night but I felt that the celebration was less festive... maybe even a bit routine already, causing people to not be that interested anymore. Back in the day, major tv networks covered the events, the parades, and the fireworks. This year, I don't think that the coverage was as detailed. Or maybe, I just wasn't as involved in the festivities as I was years ago. Back then, I trooped to the venue with camera gear in tow to take pictures of the exhibits and of the interesting things going on around. 

Anyway, I'm quite happy that I was able to see the exhibits in Anilag. I hope that this type of festival continues and that the exhibits gets better and better with time. :)