Friday, March 4, 2016

On forgotten passwords and passcodes

One of the reasons I have for blogging is to keep a diary for myself, online, so I'd be able to laugh at myself and reflect on my adventures years after... Without having to worry about entering passcodes and passwords before I could read my posts. Paper-based diaries are getting bulky, after all.

(I do have a password for composing and posting... But the content is publicly accessible. In case my memory fails me in the future, knock on wood. After all, I don't want to end up like Lexi Smart in "Remember Me?" By Sophie Kinsella.)

Because that's the thing. In an effort to lock things in and to prevent others from tweaking (unauthorised) and stealing online personas (i.e., keep information private but online), people are using passwords and number combinations. And they're difficult to remember if there are so many of them... Different ones per account, per device, per item. And we're not supposed to write them anywhere for the sake of security.

So today, I woke up too early because my phone kept pinging with messages from the other side of the world (because family members will be flying in soon). But I couldn't access my phone; I FORGOT THE PASSCODE! AGAIN! *sigh* A "senior moment" (as people jokingly put it) in the offing, perhaps... or my brain is processing too much information that I rely on fingerprint recognition too much (and it's somehow not working on my phone this morning).

A way out was put in front of me years ago. As usual, a movie reference. After watching the Men in Black installment in which Tommy Lee Jones' character put clues in specific locations in case his memory was reset, I also started doing that. So with my phone's passcode, all I have to do, theoretically, is to look at the clue I placed previously and the code should come to me, easily. 


Here we go...