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Back in the running... not quite.

The IRRI Filipino Scientists Association held its annual fun run this year with the theme "Outrun the Boss". Dr George Kotch, the head of the Plant Breeding Division was so enthusiastic at informing and encouraging his staff to participate. After all, the bosses were pledging some amount of money per person that outruns him or her. It's a perfect way to keep everyone on their toes (or heels, particularly for heel strikers).
Anyway, I've been out of the running loop for quite a while because of my 2014 foot injury. That is why I started jogging and/or walking a few times a week again for the past few weeks to get the foot accustomed. I figured that a run/walk combo done by people in Couch-to-5k programs would be an ideal activity for the 5k run.

On race day, my gear was more ready than I was. My phone was covered in plastic in case it rained. My shoes have been broken in. My watch was set to monitor my pace, cadence, and distance covered. Me? Not so much. As soon as …