Monday, October 10, 2016

My bestfriend's wedding

Noan finally tied the knot! 

She invited me to be one of her bridesmaids and she told me that I could bring a plus one. It's the first time I was told I could bring one. And I had no idea who I should bring with me. A few days later, Heiko said that he and Dai Rong were coming to the Philippines on a short vacation... and so I asked him if he could be my plus one. He said yes. And when Noan learned about the arrival of two overseas-based friends from grade school, she was thrilled. A week before Noan's marriage, Brian announced that he was visiting the Philippines too... and he got invited into the wedding as well.

The night before the wedding, we (except for Brian) were billeted at the SEARCA Guesthouse. That was convenient because we (except Noan) were scheduled to meet up with other batchmates for dinner too. With an early call time for me, it was much more convenient to be at the Guesthouse than go home late and then drive out very early on wedding day itself.

Before the wedding, the entourage members were asked to stay at the Guesthouse as other guests proceeded to church. We were supposed to stay for a pre-wedding photo opp. However, because of the timing, the bridesmaids didn't get photographed before the wedding anymore; so basically, we had to wait until Noan had finished her snail-paced descent down the stairs before we could drive off to church. 

At the church, I was able to catch up with the guys before the entourage were called to the side of the church. They all looked good... particularly in suits! I am not used to see them in suits, so this was a definite treat. Too bad the weather wasn't cooperating yet. It's just way too hot for a suit this time of the year.

And because I was bridesmaid, I had to leave my bag with them. No phone on me; no chance to take a photo of Noan walking down the aisle. I just had a bouquet of flowers in my hands. So I had to rely on them for pictures! Haha!

I met Noan's friends from medical school during the ceremony. I met her cousin too. They're a cool set of bridesmaids. Seems to be a fun set of ladies. While there was a lull in the ceremony, the naughtier of the lady MDs were looking around searching for cute guys. Oh boy, my definition of "attractive" appears to be far from theirs because all the guys they were pointing at for my opinion were not people I'd typically notice. 

After the ceremonies, the guys went to the reception venue at Splash Mountain while I stayed behind for the bridesmaids' photo shoot with the bride... and Noan was already wearing her sparkly sneakers. Good thing too because the guys were able to save me a seat at their table. And they were able to get some buko pie along the way to the venue.

Finally, the bridesmaids arrived at the reception! It was time to party! The party vibe was boosted by good music, good food, and entourage members eager to play the games. However, my jaw dropped when the bejeweled host of the party started talking like some sort of a gangsta rapper. Totally discordant from the formal party theme. I think he was told to stall the program because Noan and Joven were not in the venue yet. So he went on a monologue about what love means... quickly damping the party mood to a church sermon. Good thing the newlyweds finally arrived; I was already tuned out, munching on marshmallows sneaked in by one of the bridesmaids. 

Dai Rong was craving for lechon since Friday afternoon. At the reception, he got a plateful, enough for them to share. I opted out of the lechon though. Too fatty! But look at their faces! Looks like it's been years since their last lechon! And that may be true, actually, because it's been a long while since they've been home.

After dinner, the four of us went outside to eat the still-hot buko pie. Unbeknownst to us, we were being paged repeatedly for the bouquet and the garter tosses. We were having our own little after-party before Heiko and Dai Rong had to drive back to Manila. 

Congratulations and best wishes, Noan and Joven! As the party slowed down to a halt Brian asked the most apt question: "Who's next?"