Thursday, June 22, 2017

Meryenda at Antonio's

Unfortunately, the restaurants that Ate Bing suggested in Silang, Cavite were closed when we went on our road trip. Could they have declared a holiday too because it's Rizal's birthday?

No biggie: we could always drive up to Tagaytay City for dessert. This was fast becoming a real road trip, cool! The good thing is that the roads in Tagaytay were mostly clear... people were not in Tagaytay that afternoon!

So, we went to a restaurant I haven't tried yet: Breakfast at Antonio's. Ironically, we were there to eat dessert. This explains why Ate Mary and Ate Bing both ordered for puddings while Man and Krishna got crepes. I, as predictable as I am, ordered a chocolate truffle cheesecake.

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Man has always been into taking "flat lay" photos to post in his Instagram account. I haven't figured out yet how he can make shadows cast by his iPhone disappear. What I know is that we have to wait for a few minutes before we eat because he's documenting our food... 

In this case, however, he didn't take a photo of my cake; he only took a photo of his Nutella crepe, which looks absolutely delicious!