Monday, March 25, 2013

Happy Birthday, Tita Mely!

Tita Mely's birthday fell on a Sunday this year. This was a great opportunity to gather her siblings and their kids (and grandchildren) over for dinner. Last year, we celebrated her birthday in Lam Hung, a Chinese restaurant in the heart of Sta Cruz, Laguna. This year, we agreed to all go out and eat at the relatively new Max's Fried Chicken branch at the SunStar Mall outside the town proper.
Tita Mely's house was decked with decorations when Anna and I arrived. Apparently, Tita Mely is a big fan of an actor in a weekday soap so my cousins got a tarp with her photo and the actor's on it... The cake was similarly decked as well. My nephew, Totoy, has a knack for doodling so his gift was taped on the wall right under the tarp.