Wednesday, March 27, 2013

i won't look at a news broadcast the same way. ever.

Our teachers, Andy and Dan, are interviewing Grace. 
Mount Makiling is clearly seen in the background.

Andy and Dan, the BMS Media Training team, walked me and my classmates through the technicalities and the theatricality of media interviews last week. They also kept us thinking on our toes during the two-day course. After experiencing three types of on-camera appearances, I realized that media interviews are not just question-and-answer portions. These interviews are great ways of bringing our messages across. Maximize it every time!

The two-day training also made me look more closely at the broadcasts of international and of local news agencies (mostly CNN, BBC, and ANC). I've been timing news clips, observing that a 40-second period of talking is long, way too long. I'm now watching how people being interviewed answer questions (and not just what the news stories are about).

I promise I will try not to babble on and on even if I'm scared of the big black camera...

I've become even more scared for the people being interviewed by Christiane Amanpour and by Tina Monsod-Palma because these newscasters do interrupt interviewees that don't go straight to the point. They are the type of people who I wouldn't want to be with if I don't know what I'm supposed to say (with or without the camera!).

I've learned a lot during those two days. I am very thankful to Andy and Dan, and to Sophie for putting us through this exercise. I wish I could have a go at it again!