Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cold open.

This is the coldest way I've started a year so far.

My version of 2014 certainly went on a good start: According to superstition, if you are caught outside your neighborhood as the New Year begins, you'll have a year full of adventures and journeys. I am hoping that since I started the year with pleasantly cold conditions, I'll face fair weather all year.

Lo and behold, I was going to Hong Kong in early January! Not wanting to have a winter fashion faux pas similar to what happened to me in wintry England (and I blame this on the disorientation caused by my inexperience in traveling) many years ago, I made sure that I had enough clothes (I think) to warm myself for the chilly conditions in Hong Kong. After all, I do come from tropical Calamba City, where the temperature rarely dips below 20C. 


The one thing I failed to bring with me on this trip was my trusty orange scarf which I got on a 70%-off, buy one-take one sale at the Debenhams branch in Nottingham. That scarf is now with Mommy. Hopefully she gets to use it more than I have. This is why I had to stop by the Temple St night market in Mongkok... I bought a cashmere shawl to keep my neck warm.

Back in the Philippines, the days are also chilly and pleasant. I really wish that this nice weather lasts for quite awhile. I don't think I'm ready for the heat of summer yet.